Year: 2016

HOWTO: Streaming TIDAL via JRiver Media Center

I’m so excited! I just have to share…even though chances are slim that you will have any need for a setup like this. Before I get started, let me first explain my situation and why I’m excited. I have large loudspeakers

Can Digital Make a Room Correct?

TL;DR – modern FIR based digital room correction has a place in audiophile playback systems and within limitations can make just about any system more enjoyable; it is no substitute for proper room and system setup, but give it a try!   Ask

Purifying USB

Audiophiles love system tweaks. They are an essential part of the hobby. Get a playback system sounding just the way you like and pretty soon there’s nothing left to do but listen to music. Granted, that’s what the system is for,

How we listen

Most of us were brought up with music as a sort-of “soundtrack for our lives”–something that was on while we did other things. We might give it our full attention for a few moments or sing along during our favorite parts, but the concept of