Rocky Mountain Audio Fest – Friday

I tried to take the best advantage of the two-hour headstart afforded to members of the press on the first day, but despite my best efforts, only visited half of the rooms on my list. The layout is good this year with most exhibits in the tower. The stairwells are unlocked, so one can take the elevator to the 11th floor and then work their way down via the stairs without waiting on the lift.

It’s way to early to even be thinking about best-sound-of-show, but Paul McGowan’s room, featuring Focal loudspeakers and his new P20 power regenerator was delivering some of the best sound that I’ve heard anywhere.

PS Audio  in the Spruce room – BTW, that’s Principal designer, Ted Smith in the background

Legacy Audio’s much-anticipated VALOR loudspeaker was ready to play when I stopped by first thing this morning.

Legacy Audio VALOR in the Evergreen A room

At the time, Bill was putting the finishing touches on room correction for the CALIBRE stand mount loudspeakers which were clearly punching far above their weight!

Legacy Audio CALIBRE in the Evergreen A room

The Wyred 4 Sound room sports their new statement nextGEN amplifier driving a premier appearance of the Acoustic Zen Maestro loudspeakers. The combination thrilled playing Drum Improvisation by Jim Keltner.

Wyred 4 Sound in Spruce 2 with Acoustic Zen loudspeakers

Much more to come!


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